5 Things Lifestyle Vacationers Are Looking Forward To In 2017

5 Things Lifestyle Vacationers Are Looking Forward To In 2017

There is exactly one week left in the year 2016, and already everyone’s mind is well into the New Year as they set their expectations of the things they expect to happen in 2017. Travelling in general or travelling more is always among the top resolutions people have for each year, and for those that are seasoned travellers, they will be looking for new or improved experiences during their travellers. This also applies for lifestyle vacationers. For those of you that do not know what a “Lifestyle Vacationer” is, in short, Lifestyle Vacationers are open minded adults travelling for hedonistic reasons. There are several resorts, events and cruises that happen all over the world that caters specifically to these types of travellers and so this article is about some of the things lifestyle vacationers are looking forward to in the upcoming year. 

1. The Unveiling Of The New Temptation Resort

When it comes to resort options for lifestyle travellers, there are not very many. Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica and Desire Riviera Maya in Cancun Mexico are the two top options, and everything else is mere afterthoughts. That may be changed very soon when they all new Temptation Resort is unveiled by mid-2017. Temptation Resort is a topless friendly resort, owned and managed by the same company that owns the Desire Resorts. The 320 rooms all-inclusive resort closed their doors early this year to undergo a full makeover and rebranding. We are not sure what the new approach will be when the resort is reopened, but Temptation will be looking to become the top vacation option for Lifestyle travellers and adventurous, open-minded adults once it re-opens. 

2. The First Hosting Of Desire Cruises 

The Desire Brand has become one of the most trusted brands in the clothing optional travel market, especially amongst lifestyle couples. They just recently completed a rebranding that included the launch of a Cruise Line that will now operate under the Desire Brand as Desire Cruises. In 2017, the first Desire Cruise will set sail from Venice with stops in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. If the Desire Cruises turn out to be anything like what’s offered at the two resorts, lifestyle vacationers can expect luxury, intimacy and top class service, in addition to being among some really sexy couples. We cannot wait for the first cruise to set sail to find out what the experience is like and how Desire Cruises will affect the Lifestyle Travel landscape. 

3. Additional Upgrades To Hedonism II 

Hedonism II is the God Father of Lifestyle Friendly resorts, and after over four decades of existence, they continue to be a top option for adults seeking some naughty adventure when they travel. Over the last two years, since the hotel was sold and taken over by new owners, they have done a lot of upgrade work on the resort. However, the make-over project is far from done, as there are many areas of the hotel that still needs to be updated. Hedo loyalists will be keeping their eye out for what the next major renovation project at the resort will be, to follow up on the new lobby and main dining room. We are hoping it will be a brand new nightclub as what’s currently there now needs to be condemned. Hedonism II is about nightlife and parties, so it only makes sense for the next major renovation project at the resort to be the full make-over of the Disco. Hopefully, that happens in 2017. 

4. The Return Of Couples Cruise 

Lifestyle Cruising was made famous by the crew from Couples Cruise. For a few years, they were the only players in the game that could pull off a ship full of naked people numbering in the thousands. Unfortunately, due to a fall out amongst partners, the Couple Cruise brand took a temporary hit and had to cancel their cruises for a couple of years. Since that time, a couple of new lifestyle cruises have surfaced, namely Bliss Cruises and Desire Cruises. The Couple Cruise brand will be back in 2017 with two cruises scheduled. It will be very interesting to see how well they do in a more competitive marketplace. Lifestyle Vacationers will definitely enjoy having this many product options to choose from. We hope to see a successful return to the lifestyle cruise market for Couples Cruises. 

5. Something New And Different For The Lifestyle Travel Community

The lifestyle travel community predominantly consists of hotel group take-overs, cruise ship take-overs and a handful of successful weekend convention. Is there an opportunity for something completely different in the market? If so, what will that product be? There are many fantastic festivals, retreats, tours and other types of travel products out there that is doing extremely well in the mainstream travel market. Lifestyle Vacationers are enjoying or would love to experience some of the same time of experiences but among like-minded people. Will see something entirely new in 2017 that becomes a worthy alternative to what’s currently on the market? We will have to wait and see.


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